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International donor assistance for Georgia is gradually decreasing on the background of global conflicts and crises. Without  local fundraising we will be forced to close the centers. Let's help homeless children together, working and living in the streets is not their choice!

What we changed

  • 15-year-old George, who lived in a ten square-meter room alone, without electricity and water, spent most of his time on the streets in Tbilisi selling icons. He never went to school. World Vision mobile team members found Giorgi on the street, made friends with him and explained that he could live in better conditions in a caring environment and would have learning opportunity. 

    "I am happy to come here," says George. "I study to read, draw and I also feel the respect and warmth. I already have friends and I feel that I'm not alone.”

    Without our help these children will never leave the street.  

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